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We provide commercial tree care services for a variety of organizations. Arbor-Folia helps clients manage and maintain the value of their tree and woodland assets.

Arbor-Folia provides expert  commercial tree care management services for commercial businesses, large woodland owners, development companies, ground maintenance companies, health authorities and housing associations. 

Commercial Services We Offer

Other Reports related to BS5837

Trees are surveyed prior to the initial design of a development layout with plans showing the Root Protection Areas (RPA), mature height and spread of retained trees with regards to shade and dominance. Providing guidance to architects with respect to the developable areas available to maximise site potential.
For evaluation and mitigation with regards to the extent of direct and indirect impacts on existing trees that arise as a result of the implementation of any site layout proposal. Identifying any trees affected by the development and providing detailed information with respect to protective barrier methods, work practices, and any special engineering or construction techniques required.

The methodology of the development for any demolition and development processes that have the potential to result in damage to retained trees, providing full details of onsite tree protection and monitoring regime.

Forming part of the Arboricultural Implication Assessment and Arboricultural Method Statement, the Tree Protection Plan is a scaled drawing produced using software that shows the draft or finalised layout proposals, tree retentions, and tree and landscape protection measures graphically.

Providing information for engineers, architects, and designers for the purposes of foundation design in relation to nearby trees for NHBC standards.

Some planning conditions require arboricultural site supervision. We provide advice and issue formal written documentation during all stages of development.

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"Arbor- Folia is professional, reliable and supportive. Their reports have allowed us to manage our communal Parkland's trees, increasing safety for our residents whilst also allowing us to budget for future management."

Andrew Ellis, Committee Chairman
Axwell Park Estate

Affordable and modern solutions for safer trees.

Our clients rely on us to identify their safe trees and only work on the ones that need attention. Save costs utilizing modern practices.