Affordable services to pine for.

Our clients’ find are prices remarkably competitive and prefer to contract with us on a long-term basis. 

We strive to give the best price available for all our services.  All services vary in individual price depending on the scale of service required, location and your personal requirements. 

Quotations can be given when details for the services you require have been collected.

Our price list provides a minimum price guide.

Our Price List

Prices starting from

  • Tree Health/Duty of Care Reports £265

    (Full prices are based on the range of data required per tree, and the total estimated number of trees to be included.)

  • Mortgage & Insurance Reports £245
  • BS5837 Reports £345

    (Full prices for the initial report are based on total number of trees and any additional services required.)

  • TPO Application £75
  • Woodland Management Plans £325

    (Full prices are based on the overall area size of the woodland and range of data to be collected to achieve specific objectives.)

  • Planting Schemes £245

    (Full prices are based on the overall area/number of trees to be planted, and range of data to be collected to achieve specific objectives.)

  • Tree Care Programmes £255

    (Full prices are based on the number of trees included and individual client objectives)

  • Health and Safety Tree Audit £200

    (Full prices are based on the size of areas to be surveyed)

  • All Climbing Services £150

    (Full prices depend on the chosen climbing service required)

  • Advice and Guidance FREE

    (Free advice and guidance relates to verbal and email communications only. Where documentation is required, there will be administration fee. This fee would be discussed with you prior to producing any documents requested.)

Our services reach out to every shape and colour of trees.

We provide services to anyone who has trees – whether you are a private-home property owner,
or a commercial property owner.

Residential Services

For private homeowners, landowners, we offer tree health surveys, mortgage and insurance reports, developments such as building extensions (BS5837), and TPO applications.

Commercial Services

For large woodland owners, development companies, grounds maintenance companies, health authorities, housing associations – basically anywhere with public access. 

Climbing Services

These services are usually required for aerial inspection, tree bracing, or even professional support for wildlife projects.

Affordable and modern solutions for safer trees.

Our clients rely on us to identify their safe trees and only work on the ones that need attention. Save costs utilizing modern practices.