Residential Services

Dangerous trees? Buying a house or building one? Or want to get the very best out of the trees you have? We provide tree surveys and reports for every tree-related situation.

The moment you choose to take action for the well-being of your trees, you also choose the safety of friends, neighbours and loved ones. 

Get a qualified contractor like Arbor-Folia Arboricultural Consultancy Services to care for your trees with the highest quality standards that offer value for your investment. 

Residential Services We Offer

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"Arbor- Folia is professional, reliable and supportive. Their reports have allowed us to manage our communal Parkland's trees, increasing safety for our residents whilst also allowing us to budget for future management."

Andrew Ellis, Committee Chairman
Axwell Park Estate

Affordable and modern solutions for safer trees.

Our clients rely on us to identify their safe trees and only work on the ones that need attention. Save costs utilizing modern practices.